Cradlepoint is on a mission to “Connect Beyond” the limits of wired networks and one key industry where wired networks are hard to come-by, is construction‏‏‎. Our collaboration with Cradlepoint couldn’t have been better timed 🚇

‏‏‎The Tardis x Cradlepoint partnership means construction contractors + residential developers can move forward with confidence and at a faster pace with their 5G adoption ⚡ ‏‏‎ ‎

We had heard news of the Ericsson plan about a year ago and when the acquisition happened last September, we knew how much value we could further add to the construction industry, which is incredibly exciting.

If we look inwardly at the 4G and 4G-Advanced solutions we have deployed in the last eight years, our other hardware suppliers haven’t been able to develop solutions we’ve asked for. It has been more of a supplier / buyer relationship, not a partnership.

This included Cisco, Huawei, Robustel, Teltonika and Viprinet – all of which are / were great in the areas they looked to offer solutions, but where they have fallen short on capability, Cradlepoint has success, which means we will have greater success🌳

Not only can our UK construction partners benefit. Our international clients that have European sites can also feature a Cradlepoint solution through us. We are leading the construction industry in a unique way towards technology adoption + by utilising Cradlepoint’s product portfolio, it will help us achieve new heights for our 5G construction partners! 📈

There’s a whole host of PROs that come from a Tardis x Cradlepoint partnership and we can’t wait to continue our work together⚡

Cradlepoint recognise our commitment very highly and we were humbled to be awarded Elite Partner status under Cradlepoint EMEA 🙌

 “I see 5G as a necessity for innovation now, rather than a luxury. 5G is going to be revolutionary, especially for enterprises. Cradlepoint and Tardis, are preparing our customers for the adoption of 5G, this takes time, effort, investment and skill and I am excited to have Tardis on board. 5G is going to be revolutionary for enterprises. With everything moving towards the edge and the cloud, you need reliability and flexibility.

It also enables the next-generation of business where it is totally wireless, and that’s a good opportunity. Together we are in the early stages of building out capacity to seize the opportunity being presented by both the market movement, as well as the leadership position Cradlepoint has established.”

Darryl Brick - VP Partner Sales / EMEA ☁️